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What You Can Expect From Our Law Firm

For every case we work on — including Florida Stand your Ground Law cases — our team of attorneys will defend you at all stages of the case.

While the case is being investigated:

  • Present helpful evidence to law enforcement on your behalf
  • Conduct our own investigation and interview potential witnesses
  • Enter into agreements with prosecutors for a reduced bond
  • Protect your rights and prevent law enforcement from questioning you
  • Conduct a polygraph
  • Arrange bond

Before the first court appearance:

  • Present mitigating circumstances and negotiate for a reduction or dismissal of charges
  • Negotiate for pretrial intervention or diversionary programs if clients are eligible
  • File motions for bond reduction when the client cannot afford to post bond
  • Speak to probation officers about recommended sentences for violations of probation

During the pretrial phase:

  • We demand all evidence in the government’s possession
  • We investigate defenses
  • We interview potential defense witnesses
  • We take sworn depositions of government witnesses
  • We file pretrial motions to exclude evidence when police officers act outside the law
  • We file motions to dismiss when the facts do not prove that a crime was committed
  • We hire experts to help the jury understand an important issue of the case
  • We research all necessary case law regarding your case
  • We verify sentencing guidelines that have been prepared for accuracy

During the trial phase:

  • We select a fair and impartial jury that will understand that our clients are presumed innocent
  • We vigorously cross-examine government witnesses
  • We utilize expert witness testimony to weaken the government’s case or explain a defense
  • We preserve and protect all legal issues and court rulings in case an appeal is necessary
  • We offer favorable testimony to the court if a sentencing hearing is held

Filing and arguing an appeal:

  • We file motions to have our clients released from custody while we draft an appeal
  • We have experience drafting appeals for our clients and arguing our appeals at the appellate court

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